Frequently Asked Questions

When do the tickets to the Homecoming Dance go on sale?

Tickets will go on sale in the WTHS Web Store on the Monday September 19th at 8pm. Ticket sales end on Thursday September 22nd at 11:59pm.

When is the 2016 Homecoming Dance?

The Homecoming Dance is on Saturday October 1st at 7pm in the Almond Campus Field House. The dance ends promptly at 10pm, students who need rides home should arrange for transportation to arrive by 10pm.


How  much do the tickets cost?
Tickets to the 2016 Homecoming Dance are $25 per student. The cost of a dance ticket includes a homecoming t-shirt.

When do ticket sales end?
Ticket sales to the 2016 homecoming dance will end on Thursday September 22nd at 11:59pm. Absolutely no tickets will be sold after Thursday September 22nd.

Can I bring a date from another school?
No, outside guests are not allowed at Homecoming.  WTHS Alumni are welcome but pre-approval is required.  The application to bring an outside guest is on the Homecoming Web Page.

What if I only want a t-shirt?
You can buy a shirt online in the web store for $10.

How do students purchase tickets to the Homecoming Dance?

Dance Tickets can be purchased in the Webstore at
Dance tickets are not sold on fee payment site, dance tickets are on the RevTrak web store.

Tickets may also be purchased in person from either campus book keeper
during normal hours as long as tickets are available beginning on the school day after tickets go on sale online. Online purchase is preferred.


How do I purchase tickets for my date?

You must enter the last name and ID number of your date EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS IN POWERSCHOOL when purchasing a ticket. If “Jenny Smith” is really “Jenny Jones-Smith” in PowerSchool she has to enter “Jones-Smith” in order to purchase a ticket.  Students may NOT buy two tickets with the same last name and ID.  The web store will allow it but duplicate purchases are voided daily with no refunds issued. Tickets are tied to student ID numbers for check in and security purposes. If students/parents do not know the last name or ID number of their date they should ask their date for this information.


How do I purchase a ticket for my pre-approved alumni guest?  
Students who submit their requests online by the deadline of 3pm on Friday September 18th  will receive an email with instructions.  In case the student does not check their email, they will be instructed to use their date’s last name and the ID number will be 5+”ID of the student they are going with”.  Example: My date’s last name is Smith and my ID is 123456 so I would buy with the last name “Smith” and the ID would be “5123456”.

Do I have to bring a date?
WTHS only sells single student tickets to the dance.  This is a semi-formal dance and students attend as couples, large groups and individuals.

My date owes fees but I am buying the tickets so why can’t I buy one for my date?

Students with outstanding fees are not able to have a ticket purchased in their name until the fee balance is below $382. Parents/students with questions about fees should contact the book keeper at either campus. Please do not contact Ms. Lobitz regarding student fees, you will be referred to the Campus Bookkeeper as Ms. Lobitz is not able to make any exceptions to the fee balance limit.


I bought a ticket and now I don’t want to go to the dance. Can I get a refund?
TICKETS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE. Students get to keep the shirts however we will not issue any refunds for all or part of the cost of the ticket.

Why doesn’t Warren hold 2 separate dances?
The demand for tickets does not indicate a need to hold two separate events.  Typically we receive less than 100 requests for tickets after sales end.  Holding two dances would result in an increased cost for staffing, entertainment, set up, decorations and would ultimately result in a more expensive dance which would drive down demand for tickets.

Tickets are no longer available and I still want to go, help!  
As soon as tickets are no longer available, a late ticket purchase request form will be started that will remain up for 24 hours. After that time we will attempt to accommodate requests if possible. This is not to be confused with a waiting list as there will not be a waiting list.  There will be a late ticket purchase request form online and we will attempt to honor as many requests as possible however students MUST sign up on that list during the 24 hour period that it is posted. Students on the late ticket purchase request list will be notified via email if they are able to purchase a ticket. We will NOT honor email requests for a late ticket purchase, students MUST complete the online form when it becomes available.  Students who do not place their name on the electronic late purchase request list will not be considered.

When / where do I pick up my ticket(s)? PAPER TICKETS ARE NOT ISSUED FOR THE HOMECOMING DANCE.
Each student who purchases a ticket is going to be marked in PowerSchool for check in purposes. When students enter the dance their ID will be scanned which will check the student into the dance, students cannot have 2 tickets issued in their name. Students cannot “give” their ticket to another student because their “ticket” is in fact their ID number!

When / where do I pick up my homecoming t-shirt(s)?
Shirts will be distributed by campus of attendance during Homecoming Week during lunch periods. Details will be announced in the student bulletin at both campuses.

I go to Almond and my date is at O’Plaine, why can’t I pick up both shirts at Almond?
Due to the volume of shirts ordered (over 2,000), it is not logistically possible to distribute shirts other than by campus of attendance.

It forgot to pick up my ticket/t-shirt and it is the day of the dance, what do I do now?
Paper 'Tickets' are not issued for homecoming, your ID number is your ticket, show your ID at the door and if you have a ticked in your name you will get into the dance. are not issued T-shirts will be available for pick up at the dance.  

Does WTHS provide a coat/bag check for students attending the homecoming dance?
Students should leave jackets/coats in their car or at home. WTHS will provide a secure area where students can check purses and other small items like keys.  Purses and other personal items MUST fit inside a gallon size zip lock bag. All checked items will be held at the secure area for the duration of the dance. 

WTHS is not responsible for items lost or left behind at the dance.  Please leave valuable items at home.  We also recommend that students wear comfortable shoes to the actual dance as all students must be wearing shoes at all times.