Membership Requirements

The following information can be found on members' hour sheets.
Remember: all members must tutor at least twice per semester, and attend two general membership meetings to remain in good standing.

The hour sheet is due no later than 12/08/16, 2:15PM.  

Section 5.  Members must obtain a minimum of 6 hours of activities/service per semester in at least 3 different categories.  Members must attend at least one SHH monthly event.   All members are expected to tutor at Woodland MS or O’Plaine at least two times per semester.  Monthly meetings do NOT count for service/event hours!



a. Attend Spanish movie night (participate in post movie discussion if any). (2 hr)

b. Attend and participate in “Bienvenidos” (1 hour)

c. Attend culture night. (2 hours)

d. Attend Food Cook Off. (1 hour)

e. Attend/participate in Round Table (.5 hour)

f. Make a cultural dish for the Food Cook off  - maximum one (1 hour)

g. Help a Spanish teacher with a bulletin board or other classroom activities. (1 hour)

h. Tutor Woodland Middle school or OP Spanish students (1 hour tutoring = 1 hour of service. Max 4 hours allowed) If no students attend to be tutored you will receive .5 hr

i. Waukegan library “Los Bilinguitos” (1 hour)

j. Volunteer for any community service that includes working with Hispanics – have the director/leader of that service sign off on your hours.  Must be preapproved by SHH advisor.

k. Attend 2 Spanish Club/Avanza meetings if you are NOT already a member. Two meetings = 1 hour. Have the sponsor sign off.

l. Other?  Have a great idea that is not listed? Bring it up during a meeting or to the society sponsor to see if it will qualify.