Why should you join?
Because every dollar we earn going back to all sports.  In addition, we have so much fun working concessions.  The staff and students are great to get to know.  BE A BLUE DEVIL BOOSTER!!!

Our blue membership is for the parent who wants to become a board member.  It requires working all home football games, attending our monthly meeting and working at least 1 other event every month.

The gold membership is for the parents who have time a few days a year to be able to assist with concession stands.  Please circle which events you would like to work.  We will send emails, from time to time, asking for help.  You can then respond to that email and let us know if you are available for that event.

The white membership is for the parents who haven't a moment to spare as they get their athletes to and from practices, events and manage to work at the same time.  But, by becoming a white membership holder you are supporting athletics at Warren and helping us to support ALL of our sports.