Frequently Asked Questions

Who is in the yearbook?

In order to be pictured in the WTHS yearbook, students MUST have their picture taken by VIP Photography each year during registration, late registration or on one of the two make-up dates.  Pictures taken in the attendance office for a student ID are NOT included in the yearbook.  Purchasing a yearbook does not guarantee a student will be in the yearbook, the student must have their photo taken by VIP to be included.

When can yearbook pictures be taken?
VIP will be on campus during registration August 4-5-6 from 12-6pm daily and again on August 10th from 3-6pm.  Students who are unable to have their picture taken on these dates must be photographed on a retake dates:  September 2nd and 3rd for Seniors | September 16th and 17th for grades 9-10-11. Unfortunately students who miss these opportunities will not be pictured in the yearbook.

Where can I purchase Creations Magazine and a Yearbook?
Online at .  Order number 8537.  Yearbooks are $45, Yearbook/Creations Bundle is $57, Creations Only is $12.  Prices increase to $65/$77 on January 1st.

Where can I purchase a senior tribute ad for my senior?
Tribute Ads are sold online at .  Order number 8537. sold online at .  Order number 8537.  From July 1-September 30th the 1/8 page ads are $45 and the 1/4 page ads are $65. October 1-November 1 the 1/8 page ads are $55 and the 1/4 page ads are $75. The last day to purchase tribute ads is November 1st, no exceptions will be made.

Why should I purchase my Yearbook/Creations Magazine in advance?
Ordering now not only saves you money but it guarantees you will have your publications at the time of distribution.

What is Creations Magazine?
Creations Magazine is the WTHS literary/art magazine which showcases student work.

Questions about School Pictures?
Contact VIP Photography at 1-800-577-9570 or

Questions about Yearbook/Creations/ Ad Order?
Contact Herff Jones at 1-866-287-3096 or

When do I pick up my yearbook?
Yearbooks are typically distributed in mid-late May.  Once we receive a ship date from the publisher we will notify those who purchased a yearbook of the distribution dates and times.